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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Shore Lunch

To truly appreciate the complete Canadian wilderness experience, one must take time to savor and enjoy a shore lunch.  Fortunately, Lake Wabatongushi is a relatively easy lake to fish.  It doesn't take long to catch enough fish for a shore lunch.  For our shore lunches, we had several fillets each of walleye, perch and northern pike.  If you have never eaten northern pike before, be sure to try some.  While they certainly do not look like it, Northern pike are delicious to eat and my personal favorite.

Perch, pike and walleye for shore lunches

One of my husband's favorite things about the shore lunch (aside from the eating) is not having to do anything except catch the fish.  The staff at Errington's cleans the fish, makes the roaring fire, sets the table, prepares all the food, and cleans up afterwards.  All we had to do was show up at a secluded island at high noon with a hardy appetite.

Chef Frankie hard at work

Frankie cooked the fish and all the fixings to absolute perfection.  There is nothing like watching a meal being prepared over an open fire in the great Canadian wilderness.  It is a part of the true Canadian experience that should not be missed!

Perch, pike and walleye - yum, yum!

From Errington's Wilderness Island

Another Fantastic Trip

What a fantastic time my husband, George, and I had at Errington's this past June.  The fishing was excellent and the wildlife put on a fabulous display for us.  Thank you to Al, Doris and all the wonderful staff at Errington's for making our trip so perfect!  A special thank you to Bobbi for identifying many of the plants I photographed.  And a very special thank you to Frankie for all the help he provided me on the computer.  George and I can hardly wait until we return in September!

George with our catch of the day

From Errington's Wilderness Island

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Moose Sighting at Long Time No See-Um Bay

While exploring Long Time No See-Um Bay, my husband, George, spotted a moose at the far end of the bay.  The moose was leisurely eating grass.  At first we thought it was a female.  But a closer examination of the photos showed the presence of short antlers.  What an exciting time we had watching this beautiful creature up close.

It's a boy!

Male Yearling at Long Time No See-Um

From Errington's Wilderness Island

Monday, 16 June 2014

Eagle Viewing

A special thanks to Marty Mulloy and his fishing buddy, Jeff, for the tip as to where we could view a bald eagle.  The mature eagle was at Bear Point along with a juvenile eagle.  We enjoyed watching them.  Thanks again for the tip.

From Errington's Wilderness Island

Family on Timberwolf Island

A mother bear and her two cubs have been living on Timberwolf Island this spring.  We enjoyed watching her search for insects along the shoreline with her two cubs.

The two baby cubs were so cute to watch along the shoreline.  The cubs seemed uncertain about getting into the water.  It is only a matter of time before the mother will lead the two cubs on a long swim to the mainland in search of food.  Good luck little fellows in practicing your swimming.

From Errington's Wilderness Island

Monday, 26 May 2014

From Errington's Wilderness Island

Catch and Release time!!

Hey everyone! The sun is shining and the fish are biting. We all know that it's that time of year for our Catch and Release winners. So here they are......

Top 5 Northern Pike (7 because of several ties)

 Matt Light 38 inches

Mark Englar 36 inches, Chris Creque 36 inches and Jon Bos 36 inches

John Barrington 35 inches, Kathy Hagerty 35 inches and Jon Bos 35 inches

Top 5 Walleye

Jane Pearson 28.5 inches

Marilyn Armstrong 28 inches

Rick Collins 27 inches

Edward Williams 26.75 inches

Kathy Hagerty 26 inches

Here are our random draws of 2 names per week. Each week are from guests that have logged for our catch a release program.

Week 1- Roberta Heckes Walleye 16.5 inches and Matt Rogers Northern Pike 32 inches

Week 2- Patt Allet Walleye 21.5 inches and Paul Miller Walleye 22 inches

Week 3- Bill Hailing Walleye 17 inches and Bill Clayton Walleye 16.5 inches

Week 4 - Eric Williams Norther Pike 34 inches and W.B Clayton Walleye 16.5 inches

Week 5- Scott Keveller Northern Pike 27 inches and Brian Mach Walleye 19 inches

Week 6- Ronda Huston Walleye 19.5 inches Pete Novak Northern Pike 31 inches

Week 7- Larry Light Walleye 17 inches and Mike Light Walleye 18 inches

Week 8- Sherri Kelley Walleye 18 inches and Don Light Northern Pike 24.5 inches

Week 9- Ed Nagel Norther Pike and Gary Stoner Northern Pike 25 inches

Week 10- Doug Jones Norther Pike 26 inches and Steve Jones Northern Pike 28 inches

Week 11- Ron Johnson Walleye 20 inches and Mike West Northern Pike 24 inches

Week 12- Conrad Romanick Walleye 18 inches and Jane Pearson Norther Pike 26 inches

Week 13- Howard Remaley Northern Pike 28.5 inches and Janice Wilkinson Northern Pike 28 inches

Week 14- Gary Schick Walleye 20.5 inches and Kevin Manning Northern Pike 29.5 inches

Week 15- Jeff Huston Walleye 25 inches and Jess Sullivan Walleye 19 inches

Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Fly Fishing Show will also be at The Fly Fishing Show in Somerset New Jersey this week from Friday January 24 through Sunday January 27. This is considered to be the largest fly fishing show in North America, so pretty excited to go.We have been doing more fly fishing each year both for Northern Pike and for Walleye.
Northern Pike are a lot of fun on a Fly Rod. They hit hard and are not very particular.
Walleyes are a little more challenging but streamers a few feet below the surface work well, the Walleyes will come right up off the bottom after them.
If you are in the eastern New Jersey or southern New York area it would be great to see you and talk about fishing vacations.
For more information about the Fly Fishing Show in Somerset New Jersey go to:

From Errington's Wilderness Island

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Errington's at Ultimate Fishing Show Detroit

If you are in the Detroit area next week we will be at the Ultimate Fishing Show DetroitUltimate Fishing Show in Novi by Detroit. Doris Morgan and I will be there again this year. Devin is out on the east coast at school.
Errington's Wilderness Island Lodge
If you like fishing, this is a great show to go to and we would love to chance to meet and talk to you. With this cold winter talking about summer fishing and vacations at least makes us feel a little warmer.

Look for the discount admissions coupon on the Ultimate Fishing Show website at:

Hope to see you there or especially hope to see you this summer.

Al, Doris & Morgan Errington
Errington's Wilderness Island

From Errington's Wilderness Island

Happy New Year

Errington Family ChristmasWe hope you have had a great Christmas and New Years. We wish you the very best in 2014 and hope you visit us this summer for some fishing, wildlife and relaxing in the wilderness. Here is a family picture of Doris and I with our "kids" Devin and Morgan, and my parents Al Sr. and Rose who started our lodge in 1975.
Errington's Lodge StaffWe also had a combined Christmas /New Years party at our house with staff past and present. Most of us got into this picture.
A Very Haapy New Year!
Al, Doris, Devin & Morgan
and all the staff at
Errington's Wilderness Island

Errington's Wilderness Island Lodge Canada

From Errington's Wilderness Island

Lori Harvey, we will miss you.

It is with deep sadness and a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Lori Harvey on October 21, 2013 from complications post cancer treatment.Lori has been a very special part of the family of Errington’s Wilderness Islands. She came to the resort in 2001 with enthusiasm, a willingness to take on anything, a big smile and a fear of the water (ironic that she would be working from an island on a lake). By the end of her first year apart from waitressing and cabin cleaning , she was driving a boat, doing nature tours by pontoon boat (assured by Ivan Madahbee that bears don’t swim-he still chuckles about that) and cooking shore lunches .

Lori met Larry Harvey when he came to work at our resort in 2002, they fell in love with, or in spite of, the encouragement and scheming of staff and guests and married in the fall of 2008. During her illness, Larry was a very strong support and advocate for her well being. He was, in summary, amazing!
Over the years Lori’s sense of humor and positive attitude endeared her to many of our guests who have sent prayers and well wishes during this past year. Her love of the resort, staff and the people who visited us showed in her daily actions. She was dearly loved by all of us.
Lori, you are rainbows of vibrant color woven into the tapestry of the resort and you will never be forgotten. Even now I see you with that huge smile on your face. I will miss you deeply and will never forget you. You are in our hearts. We love you.

From Errington's Wilderness Island