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Monday, 22 August 2011

Canadian Geographic

We have another special group of guests staying at Errington's this weekend. Ray , a writer for Canadian Geographic has came up by train with his son Cam and photographer Stephanie. Ray is looking to produce an article which expresses what a wonderful experience it is for a father and son to not only go fishing together but enjoy the beautiful wilderness that northern Ontario has to offer. Right now is a perfect time to take in the beauty of lake Wabatongushi,as the leaves are beginning to change color, the air temperatures have cooled down and so have the water temperatures. When the water temperatures drop like this it also makes for some of the best fishing. I have been out guiding Ray, Cam and Stephanie for the past couple days. The first day was slow fishing but we still managed to land several decent size walleye, enough to fill everyone at shore lunch. The Weather did not permit us to go out fishing that evening , so it was another morning trip for us. This particular morning was much better fishing. Between Cam and his father, they landed over a dozen good size fish, mostly walleye but a couple nice northern as well. It seems as though the group is really enjoying themselves , Stephanie is getting some great shots of not only fish but wildlife, families enjoying themselves, kids jumping off the" jumping rock" and also some beautiful scenery's.
The group is leaving in the morning, so hopefully tonight we can get some more good shots of wildlife and maybe even more fish who knows....
Further details on issue dates are still to come.
From Errington's Wilderness Island

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Another Great Show

The New Fly Fisher has headed home, and are very pleased with the outcome of there stay at Errington's. We finished off the trip landing over a dozen walleye on the fly. The fly that was most productive was the green deceiver.What we were trying to do is imitate a small perch or bait fish , and work the fly over top of weed beds, where there are feeding fish. So for all the fly fisherman out there looking to land some great walleye and northerns on the fly , Erringtons Wilderness Island is a great opportunity for you. The New Fly Fisher is already talking about coming back next year, possibly in May to do some great walleye , pike and also whitefish fly fishing. Word is that The Fish TV and The New fly Fisher episodes will air sometime around December or January but further details are still to come.
From Errington's Wilderness Island

Saturday, 13 August 2011

The New Fly Fisher

Well , the Fish TV trip has come to a conclusion. Lots of fish were caught and the guys had a great time. It should make for a great episode. Ron James finished off the trip with a beauty. Here he is with a 28 " walleye. Just as I finished up with Fish TV , Al and Dorris informed me about another television program that I would be guiding. The New Fly Fisher has arrived , as you can tell by the title , this is a fly fishing only show , which makes for an interesting experience. I had Bill Spicer (host) out very early this morning to make sure we covered the right areas while the walleye are feeding aggressively, which is very important when fly fishing , due to the fact that you are trying to draw the walleye closer to the surface. We had a good morning landing several beautiful walleye. The New Fly Fisher has only booked a 2 day trip so we have tonight and tomorrow to finish the show and it doesn't appear were going to have any troubles. So I will be posting more pictures soon.
From Errington's Wilderness Island

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Great Evening With Fish TV

The evening fishing was much better,we were set up along a sheltered bay fishing in high winds which created a nice break for the fish to move into.When a large school of walleye move into a break like this they start competing for food, and we knew this was the case soon as we started fishing. We were getting nice 16"-18" walleye coming right up from the bottom racing to strike our rapala's. We tried a few different jigs and lures but the one that seemed to have the most success was the blue and silver husky jerk or the clown husky jerk. Ron managed to close of the evening with this gorgeous 24" walleye.
From Errington's Wilderness Island

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Update on Fish TV

Here is one of the hosts from Fish TV Ron James holding up a small, healthy northern pike with bright futures. This is one of about a dozen other pike caught around the same size this morning.
Although it was beautiful last evening, and allowed for some enjoyable walleye fishing, the weather was not as permitting this morning as we were only able to film for a few select periods of time and then we headed to the resort with high hopes for the evening.
The weather does look like it is going to clear up for the next couple of days , so I will be posting more photos and updates.
From Errington's Wilderness Island

Monday, 8 August 2011

Fish TV

Everyone at Erringtons is very exited today as we wait upon the arrival of the very popular television program Fish TV. Hosts Leo Stakos and Ron James will be arriving via train at about 5:00.
Fish TV has been a hit Television series for a quite a few years now. I personaly have always followed the show. Growing up I have seen many episodes , most of them in beautiful northern ontario lakes just like Lake Wabatongushi.
Being a hockey player, one feature that always attracted me to watching the show was they usually would have an NHL player co- host the show. I have seen long time legend Owen Nolan , I have also seen popular ex leafs Alexei Ponokorovsky and Nik Antropov whom at first was believed to be joining us this week but right now were not too sure if he is going to make it.
Al and Doris have been generous enough to give me the oppurtunity to guide Leo and Ron, so there will be updates and pictures to come.
From Errington's Wilderness Island

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Walleye Father & Son Team

trophy walleye fishing Ontario Canada
Dave Smith with 25 inch trophy Walleye
 This is Dave Smith's largest Walleye ever, a beautiful 26 inch Walleye he caught with the help of his son Ben.

Caught on a jig with a chartreuse tail, Ben took this quick picture before his dad released this prime spawning size Walleye back into Wabatongushi Lake to continue contributing to great fishing.

From Errington's Wilderness Island

Northern Lights at Errington's Wilderness Island Ontario Canada

We had a great evening for Northern Lights last night. The moon went down early and about 11:30 pm the Aurora Borealis started it's show. Here are a few pictures we took.
We have the perseids meteor showers coming up the end of this week as well. Great time for night skies.

From Errington's Wilderness Island

Friday, 5 August 2011

From Errington's Wilderness Island

This is a picture of a baby bear that was at bear point, her name was fluffy and had some of the longest fur that i have ever seen on a bear cub, she is now a full grown adult and is completely independent from her mother.