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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Great Canadian Walleye Fishing Spring 2011

Joe Douville with 27 inch Walleye
Our first fishing week of 2011 is starting out well with lots of Walleye as well as Northern Pike and Whitefish.
Steve Douville with 25 inch Walleye
Steve Douville usually vacations here with his wife Shirley during the summer but this year he wanted to do some Spring Walleye Fishing with his dad Joe. Steve got Larry, one of our guides, to take them out their first day and they have been having a great time with both the Walleye and the Whitefish. Joe Caught and Released a beautiful 27 inch Walleye on Tuesday and Steve is right behind Joe with the 25 inch Walleye. These Walleye were probably spawning a couple of weeks ago. They are nice prime spawning females about 17 and 22 years old. Great to see such beautiful fish go back to maintain our quality fishing.
Joe Douville with Nice Whitefish
Everyone has been getting quite a few Whitefish as well. Spring is a good time of year for whitefish and most of them are caught while fishing for Walleye with Jigs. Whitefish are a tremendous fighter and a lot of fun to catch. Here is Joe again with one of their Whitefish.

From Errington's Wilderness Island

Monday, 23 May 2011

Errington's Lodge Open for Season

View towards Castle Rocks past Dog Island
 Hello Everyone,

Well we just opened for another season, our first few guests came in on the train Saturday. It has been beautiful up here, nice temperatures and just a little rain every few days. Here is a picture we took yesterday looking out east past Dog Island. You can just make out Castle Rocks way in the distance to the left close to the far shore. When I took this picture Doris and Morgan were actually fishing for Walleye's in one of Doris's  favourite Walleye holes close to Castle Rocks. They caught a few Walleye's that Morgan filleted and cooked up for a snack. Walleye fishing is starting out pretty good although nothing big so far.

Have a Great Day!

From Errington's Wilderness Island