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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Wilderness Island Resort, Fishing & Wilderness Vacations on Facebook

This is our Errington's Wilderness Island Resort Facebook Fan Page. Check us out, add pictures and comments about fishing, wildlife and wilderness vacations and visit us virtually for a while. Become one of our Wilderness Island Facebook Fans.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Canada Wilderness and Fishing Vacations

We are on Trip Advisor where you can read from our guests about our Great Fishing and Nature Vacations in Ontario Canada's remote wilderness. If you have been to our resort please post a review. If you have pictures or video, you can post them as well. We are accessible by float plane or wilderness passenger train. Walleye and Northern Pike fishing is very good. Also wildlife viewing and photography for Black Bears, Moose and great birdwatching in our Boreal Forests. Hiking, Canoeing and Kayaking for mini or day adventures. Very comfortable accommodations and sumptuous meals.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Trophy Walleye Replica Merry Christmas Present

Erik Born got a great Christmas Present this year, a repica of one of the 28" Walleyes he caught and released last summer. Really the first part of his present was on his fishing trip in June with his Dad Rick when he caught and released 2 almost identical 28 inch Walleyes. Then his parents decided to get Erik a replica for Christmas. Rick got the replica made from the pictures and measurements of the fish. Replicas are the best way to have a trophy mount of fish. They generally look more realistic than a real mount, they last forever instead of cracking with age, and you have released a fish that is a prime spawning female. What a great and responsible present of a replica trophy of 2 great fish.

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