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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Signs & Colours of Fall

We are having a Beautiful Fall up here as we start preparing to close our resort for the season. The weather has been great and the colours and signs of fall are around us. The baby Loon chicks are nearly full grown. They are not fuzzy any more and basically look like a loon in winter colours. Their parents will change to the same colour, a dull beigey-grey, over the next month and then they will all fly south for the winter to the Caribean and the Atlantic Ocean.
The berries are ripening and some of the leaves are starting to turn. The Mountain Ash Berries are colourful but not that great to eat, but the Wild Rosehips (berries) taste like apples. They are very seedy so you just nibble off the outer flesh but they are very tasty and very high in vitamin C.
Another sign of fall are the freshly varnished boats that we are prepared for next spring. We are less busy in the fall so we bring up about 10 boats during September to varnish and prepare for next spring.
We hope you all are enjoying the fall weather as well.
If you are thinking about vacationing with us next year remember we have an Early Reservation Discount if you reserve for next year before the end of September.
Have a Great Day!

Al & Doris Errington
From Errington's Wilderne
ss Island Resort

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Northern Pike Fun

Caught & Released this 35 inch Northern Pike in the bay just North of Castle Rock.

John Bloodworth - 9/8/09

From Errington's Wilderness Island Resort

Otters at Play

We were up at Long Time No See-Up Bay looking for Moose when Keith said "What are those birds chirping" and when I looked I saw these three beauties just sunning on the rocks.

Jack & Keith

From Errington's Wilderness Island Resort