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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Garrett's Walleye

I was fishing with my Dad, who is a great netter, over behind Dog Island across from Errington's Lodge.
I was jigging with a plain jig waiting for for a bite when suddenly my pole leaned forward over the boat. With a jolt of excitement I set the hook and felt the line start pouring out of my reel. It was great I brought him up to the boat and let my dad wrap him up in the net. I'll never forget the adrenaline rush the came through me when I caught the 20" walleye! We released it after taking this picture.
In the same spot about four minutes before the walleye hit I brought in a 26" northern.
~ Garrett Benz

It's interesting, Garrett is also about the same age as his Walleye, 13 years old. ~ Al Errington

1 comment:

Sherry H. said...

What a great picture and story, Garrett! Looks like a wonderful place to fish and what terrific memories you'll have of your fishing trips with your dad!

Aunt Sherry