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Thursday, 28 May 2009

tis the lay eggs

Well I guess it is that season. Birds are now starting to lay eggs and start the incubation process. Recently discovered was a American Robin, Northern Flicker, unidentified grouse, and Merlin nest.

All of these birds have different incubation periods, and different spots to lay their eggs. Grouse is 23-24 days tyically nest on the ground right up against a tree. The American Robin is 12-14 days will nest wherever its convenient. The Northenn Flicker is 11-16 days and nests in a cavity of a dead tree it has hollowed for its nest. Merlin is 28-32 days and usually use abandoned nests to reuse.

In less than a month, Erringtons' will have a new generation of birds.

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Anonymous said...

I really look forward to reading new entries to the Wild Space Weblog. Being informed of recent activities almost makes me feel as though I'm there!
Keep up the great work!