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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Spring is blossoming

Mountain ash is also a shrub, but can grow into a small tree. It can be distinguished by its leaves and even more so when they produce large clusters of red berries. Everything in the tree contains cyanide, even the berries. I have seen cedar waxwings eat these fruit, stumble around and basically look intoxicated. The leaves one alternate, compound, lanceolate and taper to a point. Usually their are 5-10 leaflets on each leaf. The bark is also reddish brown

Serviceberry (Amelanchier ssp.) and Mountain Ash (Sorbus americana) is one of the many shrubs that we have growing on Lake Wabatongushi. They are now starting to blossom and sprout new leaves.

Serviceberry is a small shrub (2-10 m tall) and can be distinguised by their leaves and bark. Leaves are egg shaped and have serrated edges and the bark resembles stretch marks. They do produce sweet, juicy berries and are edible and rich in iron and copper. The fruit can be eaten fresh from the tree, served with milk and sugar, added to pancakes or made into jellies and preserves.

These are a couple of the shrubs that are blossoming on the island, with the upcoming warmer weather, the resort is slowely blossoming to life.

Friday, 29 May 2009

A Good Day of Fishing is ..........

Greetings from Wilderness Island Resort Ontario Canada

Here is my husband, Lester, working dilligently at fishing in front of the cabin. You could even call it ---relaxing.
This is what a vacation is all about. We came home last night from a fabulous 9 days of fishing and fun------with a limit of walleyes and 6 nice northern pike. The fish will be a great treat for my "winter shore lunch" with good friends here in we get the joy of catching our fish and the joy of sharing our fish in the dead of winter.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

tis the lay eggs

Well I guess it is that season. Birds are now starting to lay eggs and start the incubation process. Recently discovered was a American Robin, Northern Flicker, unidentified grouse, and Merlin nest.

All of these birds have different incubation periods, and different spots to lay their eggs. Grouse is 23-24 days tyically nest on the ground right up against a tree. The American Robin is 12-14 days will nest wherever its convenient. The Northenn Flicker is 11-16 days and nests in a cavity of a dead tree it has hollowed for its nest. Merlin is 28-32 days and usually use abandoned nests to reuse.

In less than a month, Erringtons' will have a new generation of birds.

Monday, 25 May 2009

End of the Rainbow

Greetings from Wilderness Island Resort Ontario Canada
This truly is the end of the rainbow and the "pot of gold". This is our 21st year coming here and it is still as exciting and wonderful as our 1st year. It is a very special place for us.

Ruffed Grouse Discovery by Morgan Errington

Today while Morgan was doing some brush cleanup at Errington's she spotted a Ruffed Grouse (not Partridge) sitting on a nest. I managed to take a couple of pictures, then went back while she was off the nest take pictures of her eggs. So in about 23-24 days, the eggs should hatch !

Baby Walleye

Walleye (Stizostedion vitreum)

Morgan and Devin (Abby & Doris's son and daughter) has recently caught some baby walleye and has set them up int a 20 gallon aquarium to raise until the end of summer, then let go.

Walleye spawning occurs in the spring and early summer. Normally spawning begins shortly after the ice breaks, in water temperatures of 44 - 52 Farenheit. Males move to the spawning first. Spawning grounds for Lake Wabatongushi are in boulder, to coarse-gravel shoals of lakes. Spawning takes place at night, in groups of one larger female and up to six males. Males are not territorial and no nest is built. Prior to spawning there is a lot of pursuit, pushing, circular swimming, and fin erection. Then, the group rushes upward into shallow water, stops, the females roll on their sides and eggs and sperm are released. Usually the female deposits all her eggs in one night.

Eggs fall into crevices and in the substrate and egg numbers have been as high as 612,000 in females 31.5 inches, and it increases yearly to at least age 11. Eggs hatch in 12-18 days in temperatures prevalent on the spawning grounds. The yolk sac is absorbed quickly and by 10-15 days after hatching the young have dispersed into the upper levels of the open water.

So by the end of summer, we should have some baby walleye that we have watched grow throughout the summer.

Generally the larger the walleye in the lake means that these females will produce larger eggs and more healthy young. We do encourage catch and release, so that these big females can be let go and make more walleye for the lake.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Wabatong Bears

This morning I went with Abby and Larry to 'Bear Point' Some bears were spotted yesterday so I was asked to go along and take pictures.

One the way there, Abby told me about bears and their gestations. The bear cubs that were at the point were last years bears. I assumed bears had babies every year, but to my surprise they don't. The mother bears stay with their babies for 2 years. In the spring, they leave their cubs for a bit and go mate. The eggs implant and grow, but then after that they stay dormant. It's not until the spring that they will grow into cubs. Depending on how much fat reserves the mother bear has also also, depending on what kind'ove season it is for berries and food, it determines if she'll have lots of cubs, or just one. I didn't know that, who knew?

So, after taking a few snapshots I thought I would share them with everybody else. Hope you enjoy them. Bobbi

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

First Big Walleye of the 2009 Season

Sally Berthusen has started off our 2009 Catch & Release fishing contest with this great Walleye. Her 26 inch Walleye that she Caught & Released today is about 20 years old and would weigh about 7 pounds. Sally and her husband Gene said that they thought they had a very heavy snag for a quite a while until they saw her coming up to the boat, then the excitement really began.

Our 2009 season just started last Saturday, May 16. We have had quite a number of fish caught this first week of our season, mostly walleyes but some northern pike, quite a few bigger ones released, but Sally's is the biggest Walleye caught & released so far.

Best wishes to everyone from Gene & Sally, Al & Doris and all the guests and staff here at Errington's Wilderness Island Resort

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

New Season Starting

Hello Everyone,
Well we finally made it into the resort today. The ice held on a long time this year. It is very warm her though, low 70's. Vern and I came in first to get things opened. We already have the generator going and some water running. Adam, Crystal and my daughter Morgan are coming in tomorrow. Joey, Lori, Larry and Bobbi are coming in Thursday. Doris is planning to come up on the weekend. Devin is staying back because of High School so Doris is staying back a bit with him. He will be mostly staying with Doris's sisters until he comes up after exams, but Doris and I will go back and forth a bit to make sure he is doing OK.
Everything looks great here. We saw 2 moose, 2 bears (one with cubs), 4 ruffed grouse and 2 Eagles on the way in, plus of coarse lots of loons. It is great to be up here again and we are looking forward to seeing you all this summer.

Greetings from Wilderness Island Resort Ontario Canada

Monday, 11 May 2009

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Have a Good Day!
Al & Doris Errington