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Sunday, 29 June 2008

Bobbi - Wilderness Experiences

Hello, my name is Bobbi. (a.k.a Melissa J. Bob)

I first got hired at Erringtons Wilderness Islands in 2001, and I've been here ever since. When I first came to the lodge, I was in awe of the beauty and the seclusion. I came here as a new hired worker and was completely unexpected of what I was getting myself into.
Not only does the weather change at the drop of a dime, but with the new surroundings and new people, it almost felt like I was in the series "Survivor"
Since that first year I was hired I've seen many changes with the staff, but whats' more important, is that the Erringtons became a family to me, and the staff were also part of that extended family.
I grew up in more ways that I can describe at Erringtons. Not only as a mature young woman, but spiritually also. Being here made me pursue my love of Nature and the outdoors, and I enrolled in the Fish and Wildlife course. Now, I'm able to identify birds by flight, sound, and wing. I can now look at something and know exactly what it is. And from this I became the person to go to, when a guest saw something, or try to mimic a bird sound. This then led into the nature tours at the lodge. People like going for a walk around the island, and pointing out this and that, and me explaining what it is, and how to identify what it is.
After I graduated Fish and Wildlife, I entered the Forestry Technician course. Now, I'm a Forest Research Technician at the Forestry Research Centre in Sault Ste. Marie.
Not only had Erringtons taught me a lot about myself, but I've also learned a lot from them. To AL (Abby), Doris, Morgan and Devin, and staff (Crystal, Adam, Franky, Lori, Larry, Vern, Joe, Ivan, Heather, Tasha, Sable and Nikita) Thanks for the wonderful memories!!


Bobbi Bob - Naturalist Introduction

I have invited Melissa "Bobbi" Bob to be a contibutor to our Wild Space Weblog. Most of our guests will remember Bobbi as the tall first nations girl who knows everything about birds and plants. Bobbi has been our staff naturalist for a number of yearsbut has now moved on to a job with the federal government as a Forestry technician. We will miss Bobbi here at the resort but are happy with where she is going with her life. We are also happy that she is willing to occasionally contribute to our Weblog.

Have a Good Day!
Al & Doris Errington

Friday, 27 June 2008

Spring Walleye Fishing Canada

Walleye fishing has been incredible this year. As most of you know it has been a cooler, and wetter, than normal spring, although today is really gorgeous. The cooler water and the stimulation of precipitation has really kept the Walleye exceptionally aggressive this year. In other words they are really fat and sassy. We have had lots of fish for shore lunches and our Catch and Release log is filling up rapidly. The feedback is that the average Walleyes are running around 17" and there are a lot of comments on how thick (fat) they are. They are not really fat but they do have a lot of meat on them and they definitely taste great.
The largest Walleye release so far is a 25" Walleye caught and released by Brian Mack. The largest Northern Pike released so far is a 37" Northern Pike Caught and Released by Tim Howson. This far north i25" Walleye and 37" Northern Pike would both be about 17 years old and it is approximately a 90% chance that these fish are large healthy female fish in that are prime spawners. For more information on fish size, age, and maturity for our area you can go to our website at
We thank Tim Howson , Brian Mack and all of our guests who contribute to ongoing fishing quality in Lake Wabatongushi by releasing the large fish that are the high quality female spawning size fish that our fishing needs to stay great.
Thank You Everyone!
Al Errington

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Welcome to Wilderness Island Resort Weblog

Welcome to Wild Space, our Blog for Errington's Wilderness Island Resort. We hope you find our Blog interesting and come back often.

Have a Good Day!
Al, Doris, Devin and Morgan Errington
and all of our staff at
Errington's Wilderness Island Resort